Dry Air Tec offers commercial HVAC / HVAC equipment with quality, reliability and technical excellence. Our product line includes - Fan Coil / Roof Top / Air Handling Unit / Outdoor Air Unit with Energy Reclaimers and Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Dehumidifiers.

With over 20 representatives throughout Brazil and a network of technically qualified engineers and technical support staff, DAT is committed to providing products with minimal maintenance and high efficiency, performance and guaranteed technical support.

Our main objective is to offer energy efficient products throughout Brazil, equivalent to the AHRI / EUROVENT standard for Brazil.

DRY AIR Tec  offers innovative and technology driven solutions  that are best suitable for commercial and industrial HVAC projects, Cost reduction measurements for  air conditioning, industrial drying and dehumidification solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience in industrial product drying and dehumidification, our solutions are  Fully customized to cater customer needs in best possible way. 

Specialized in sustainable solutions, cost redusction, desiccant drying, seed and grain drying, sludge drying applications.

Solution Offered -


- Industrial systems of dryers and dehumidifiers

           Expert in integrating various technologies for optimization and economy of operations

- Seed and grain dryer

          Use of desiccant technology for drying and adding at least 33% system efficiency  and economy with removal of condition dependence

          environmental conditions 

- Industrial / Commercial Integrated Refrigeration Systems

          Integration of desiccant / heat recovery and indirect evaporative cooling technologies for customized air handling solutions for large

          industrial spaces and data centers.