Porduct Portfolio

Key Features 

All units are custom design to meet high quality standard , long life with minimum maintenance through out the life span of the unit -

       - Unit design to EUROVENT standard
       - Energy efficient components
       - Robust modular construction
       - Flexibility to add different module and  European Standard leakage
       - Class B tightness/ leakage 
       - Lower maintenance level
       - Most compact design 
       - *Electronic motor with frequency inverter
       - Condensation-proof thermally insulated unit 

*as per project 


Fan Coil Unit 


Sky Fresh FCU Units are premium Energy efficient, compact, modular fan coil unit. Units can be expanded, custom designed, added features and automation as needed for project. Designed with highly efficient EC motor, these compact units available in both Vertical / Horizontal models and can be combined with  DX / CW / VRV / VRF systems. Standard Sky Fresh Units are available in 2 TR to 30 TR model and  are ready for commercial and Industrial application.  


Air Handling Unit



Designed to meet specification and customer expectations, Sky Fresh UTA are robust and reliable in structure and flexible in design. Designed to keep space constrain, serviceability and special features like UV cleaning of coil, high efficient draw through and /or blow through fan arrangement, modular unit, SKY FRESH UTA series is top of the line.

Designed to keep requirement of Industrial, hospital,  clean room, data centre  etc, units can be used for any application where precision and air quality are key deliverables. Available in  standard 5 TR to 50 TR models, we have flexibility to develop specialised products for any size or airflow as per custom requirement.



Heat Recovery Unit



Energy recovery being a global concern, SKY Fresh HRU Units are deigned to keep technological advancement and recovering waste energy from the system.

Using Rotary and or Plate type heat exchanger both AHRI / Eurovent certified for efficiency and effectiveness, unit can recover more than 70 % from exhaust energy and bring 15 to 20% overall efficiency to the HVAC system.

With out limiting to the energy recovery, SKY Fresh HRU has possibility to expand for DOAS, Duel wheel systems for chilled beam and other specialized applications. Energy recovery units are available from 500 CMH to 75000 CMH unit configuration.


Indirect Evap System


Looking for more than 50 % energy efficient system .. want to reduce OPEX cost by more than 50 % ..  need to think a fresh and Innovatively as we all have responsibility for future. With Sky Fresh IDC Systems (Powered by TORO WATT – Canada ) we offer state of the art systems for HVAC segment.

TORO WATT is Technology partner for DAT in our mission of providing sustainable solutions. TORO WATT – a Canadian HVAC technology company based in Ontario, is a signatory to the Advanced Cooling Challenge, an initiative of Clean Energy Ministerial where TORO WATT committed to introducing a 50% more energy efficient industrial and residential Air Conditioning systems.

TORO Watt with a niche specialization in high efficiency air conditioning products uses natural technologies and refrigerants that have very low GWP, ODP and reduce CO2 emissions, while offering unparalleled energy savings and excellent Indoor Air Quality.

The outcome besides reducing the refrigerant emissions by 50%, will also reduce the carbon footprint of the air conditioner by 50% reducing strain on the already stressed ecosystem.


Desiccant Dehumidifier

DH2500 Front.jpg

Unique patented design, smallest and most efficient Desiccant Dehumidifier for Home and industrial application. Available 80 CMH to 400 CMH range, in both Stainless steel and standard version, ECORP is technologically advanced portable desiccant dehumidifier. Designed in Europe and modified for Latin American needs and systems, these small Dehumidifier are best use for small labs, homes, swimming pools, standalone spot humidity control requirements.

  • No water produced so no water container to empty. 

  • No gravity drain as water is vented away as wet air

  • No compressor extremely safe 

  • No harmful affect of ice working down to -20°C (up to 40°C)

  • No water pump to clog or flood

  • No excess storage, typically 1/3rd the size of compressor dehumidifier 

  • Not affected by position even works upside down on ceilings.

  • No need for two man lift.  Less than 25kg


Desiccant Dehumidifier


Dehumidification at core with more than 20 years of experience in  Industrial dehumidification systems, Sky Dry is series designed and developed for catering industrial customer in various segment. Food, Pharma and agriculture segment in focus, SKY DRY offers product range from 200 CMH to 10000 CMH.


Designed in modular construction, with flexibility to add modules at any given point of time, DAT offers simplified integrated and economic solutions to complex problems of controlling Humidity in products , Process and ambient.

With Integration of various technologies and systems SKY DRY offers operating cost reduction, optimizing resources and most economical solutions for our valued customers.